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Ornamentals export at 2017 level


The number of sold cut flowers from Dutch soil that are traded through Floraholland decreased in the summer months. Despite the decrease in volume, sales increased in two of the three months. Only in July, when the weather conditions were extreme, did sales decline by half a per cent. While prices of cut flowers fluctuated widely, prices of potted plants were under pressure during the summer period. Both in July and August the average price was more than 5% lower. For garden plants, the sales increase continued. Compared to 2017, the increase after the summer period was still more than 3%. In the first eight months of 2018, the total export value of flowers and plants from the Netherlands was 4.2bn euros, which is virtually the same as the value in the record year 2017. These findings are from VGB, based on data from Floridata.

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