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Export of agricultural goods increases to record value


The export of agricultural goods in 2019 is estimated at 94.5 billion euros. This is 4.6% more than in 2018, and is the all-time highest export value. This is reported by Wageningen Economic Research (WUR) and CBS on the basis of collaborative research commissioned by the Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality (LNV).

The import of agricultural goods has grown by 3.7% and is estimated at 64.1 billion euros for 2019. At 30.5 billion, the agricultural trade surplus has exceeded 30 billion for the first time. This is almost 55% of the total Dutch trade surplus. Price developments play an important role in the value growth of the export. Approximately two-thirds of the export growth is due to price increases, and a about a third is due to volume increases. For import, price and volume each account for about half of the value growth.

Export value of pork to China has tripled 
At 9.5 billion euros, floriculture, which includes flowers, plants, flower bulbs, and nursery products, had the highest export value among the agricultural goods in 2019. It is followed by meat (8.8 billion euros), dairy and eggs (8.6 billion euros), vegetables (7.3 billion euros), fruit (6.2 billion euros), and drinks (5.8 billion euros).
The export value of meat increased by 8% last year. In particular, the export of pork to China increased significantly, from 117 million euros in 2018 to an estimated 377 million euros in 2019. This is related to the outbreak of African swine fever in large parts of Asia. As a result, there was a great demand for foreign meat from China, and the price levels increased.

Exported agricultural goods largely of Dutch origin
The export of agricultural goods includes both products of Dutch origin <explanation> (68.5 billion euros) and re-export (26 billion euros). This resulted in an estimated total of 41.9 billion euros of export earnings for the Netherlands; 3.7% more than in 2018 (40.4 billion euros). 
The export of products of Dutch origin accounts for 92% of the total export earnings, re-export accounts for 8%

Quarter of the export of agricultural goods destined for Germany
Germany topped the list of destinations for the exports of agricultural goods from the Netherlands again in 2019, with an export value of 23.6 billion euros (25%), followed by Belgium (11%), United Kingdom (9%), France (8%), and Italy (4%).
The export to Germany (4% more than in 2018) and Belgium (+5%) increased more than the export to the United Kingdom and France (both +1%). The largest increase in the top 10 relates to the export to China (+22%). Besides the demand for Dutch pork, it also saw an increase in the demand for Dutch infant formula.

Export of agriculture-related goods also at record level
The export value of agriculture-related goods (such as agricultural machinery and fertiliser) increased by 8.3% in 2019, to a record 9.9 billion euros. With an export value of 104.4 billion euros, the total export of agricultural and agriculture-related goods rose above 100 billion for the first time.
Germany (1.5 billion euros), Belgium (1.0 billion euros), France (0.9 billion euros), the United Kingdom (0.7 billion euros), and the United States (0.6 billion euros) together account for 47% of the export of agriculture-related goods in 2019. The four European countries mainly import fertilisers and agricultural machinery, the United States mainly imports agricultural machinery and machines for the feed and food industry.

Agricultural machinery and machines for the feed and food industry together account for over half of the total export earnings for agriculture-related goods.

Explanation: Export of goods of Dutch origin:
Export of goods of Dutch origin relates to export after production in the Netherlands or export after significant processing of goods of foreign origin (for which the degree in which the statistical goods code of the product has significantly changed or not is considered). The re-export and export of these Dutch goods together form the total export figures for the Netherlands.

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