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Positive results for livestock farming


In January, livestock farming achieved positive results overall. The standard farms of the five different sectors saw higher results than a year earlier.
For dairy farming, the balance totalled 16,500 euros, which is 4% higher than in January 2019. Despite the upward trend, the balance in January was still 10% below the ten-year average for the month.
The results from pig farming were more positive. For fattening pigs, the balance was 10,000 euros higher than last year. Revenues increased more than costs. Partly due to exports to China, the margins increased strongly from the second quarter of 2019 onward. Prices of fattening pigs were 37% higher in January than a year previously and also than the long-term average. The balance sheet for sow farming was also much higher than last year because piglet prices doubled and feed costs decreased.
Poultry farming also profited from lower feed costs. For broiler chicks, the balance in January was 2,500 euros higher than in the same month last year. Revenues decreased less than the feed costs. For layer hens, the balance amounted to 25,000 euros, which is more than 4,000 euros above the level of January 2019. The increase is partly due to higher egg prices. Egg consumption in the Netherlands developed positively. By the end of next year, all supermarkets in the Netherlands are expected to only offer eggs with the Beter Leven (‘Better Life’) label.

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