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Record results for ornamentals sector again


In January, auctions realised higher turnovers. The turnover for cut flowers was supported by more supply. The average price in January 2020 was 3.6% lower than in January 2019. In that year, a record turnover of 1.8bn euros was achieved. The results of December 2019 substantially contributed to this. The price formation of spray chrysanthemums, the product with the largest turnover, was positive in 2019 and this development continued in January 2020 (+8,7%).

The price level for most pot and bedding plants in January was higher than at the end of 2019. The turnover for the whole of 2019 was 1.6bn euros, which was 3.5% more than in 2018. Supply during the whole of 2019 was 1.6% higher. December contributed considerably to the record turnover. Green plants, among which Ficus species, Zamioculas, Draceana and Yucca, continue to do well as far as price formation and turnover are concerned. Partly thanks to their ‘air-cleaning capacity’, these plants are popular in the market. Added to this, turnover in January is traditionally high (‘Out with the Christmas tree, in with a plant’).

In January, the bedding-plant season began with the sale of violets and primroses. Favourable weather conditions contributed to a positive price setting for violets (+34%) together with a much larger supply (+51%). The supply of primroses also increased (+47%), but the price decreased by 4.8%. For the whole of 2019 the turnover of garden plants was 3.1% higher than in 2018. Volume and price contributed equally to this.

The export value of ornamentals was 10% higher in January than in 2019. With a nominal export value of 6.2bn euros, ornamentals again saw a record turnover in 2019. Trade in December in particular was positive compared to a year previously (+10%). The export value of pot and garden plants increased in 2019 by 4.3% and amounted to 2.4bn euros. The export of cut flowers amounted to 3.8bn euros, which was 3.6% higher than in 2018.

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