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Lower first-quarter results from livestock farming, but revenues from several industries are picking up


The results of a standardised dairy farm amounted to 14,200 euros in March 2021. In March, this figure is 17% below the ten-year average for the month and 10% below the level of March 2020. This is caused by higher feed costs, a lower milk price and lower livestock prices. The price of concentrates is almost at the record-high level of 2013 and more than 11% higher than in March 2020.

The results on fattening pig farms in March 2021 are more than 3,000 euros lower than in the same month last year. This is almost a quarter lower because there was a stronger decrease in revenues than in costs. After the revenues for fattening pigs peaked at 1.86 euros per kg in March 2020, prices dropped considerably to 1.27 euros per kilo in February and recovered significantly to 1.52 euros per kg in March of this year. Last year's price collapse was caused by the corona virus outbreak, which had a major impact on sales to restaurants and other food service providers.

The results of sow farms dropped to 46,000 euros in March 2021. This is almost 80,000 euros lower than in the same month last year as a result of nearly 40% lower piglet prices, after the exceptionally high level of last year.
On laying poultry farms, the results in March of this year amounted to 27,000 euros, which is more than 30% lower than in March last year due to lower egg prices and higher feed costs. This means the results are below the long-term average.

For broiler chicken farms, the first-quarter results were not good. In March, results dropped by 80% to 5,900 euros compared with the same month last year. There was a strong decrease in revenues due to the corona crisis. The extent of the decrease was such that after deduction of other costs, income was strongly negative. However, the chick market is slowly recovering from the depths caused by the corona crisis. Mainly because supply is shrinking, chick prices are showing an upward trend. This results in slightly higher prices on the market for free chicks, followed by the market for contract chicks.

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