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Results from livestock farming under pressure; layer hens are positive exception


The results for a dairy farm amounted to 13,400 euros in May, which is 15% lower than in the same month last year. In May the milk price fell below 33 eurocents per litre, which hadn’t occurred since October 2016.

The results for fattening pigs were almost 30% lower in May over last year and those for sow farming were even a third lower. Both farming types nevertheless saw top results the past year due to shortages on the global market as a result of the wide-scale outbreak of African swine fever in China. In May, the moving annual results for fattening pigs were more than 77,000 euros above the long-term average and those for sows more than 500,000 euros. In the past ten years the moving annual results had not been as high as during the past months.
The same does not apply to broiler chicken farming. The monthly balance for May was 13,000 euros lower than last year, especially due to a decrease in the contract price by 9%. The annual result in May was almost 32,000 euros below the long-term average.

Layer-hen farming did see higher results in May over last year (+5,500 euros). This was due to higher egg prices (+7%). The temporary closure of restaurants and foodservices led to a shift in egg flows. The catering sector and egg processors required fewer eggs, especially colony laid eggs. Supermarkets, on the other hand, saw a substantial increase in the demand for eggs (barn, free range and organic) because people mainly ate at home.

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