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Organic farming
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Comparison farm structure - Dairy farming

Organic farms have a different farm structure, a more stable milk price, a similar income per unpaid annual work unit and a higher average sustainability score

Comparison of economic performance and farm setup of organic and non-organic dairy farms by size, 2017-2019
kleinere biokleinere gangbaarkleinere signif.*grotere biogrotere gangbaargrotere signif.*
Financial performance
Incomeeuro per unpaid AWU17,52624,52152,83352,855
Labour inputkg milk/hour112165**194279**
Cost priceeuro/100 kg63.6547.34**51.1439.08**
Critical milk priceeuro/100 kg43.6333.75**42.4832.38**
Milk priceeuro/100 kg49.6739.03**50.238.41**
Costs purchased feedeuro per cow8159421,0631,051
Veterinarian costseuro per cow4899**68105**
Long term debtseuro/kg milk1.170.89**1.741.14**
Farm setup
Dairy cowsnumber5160**119143**
Utilised agricultural areaha5237**10875**
Share of grassland%9387**9682**
Milk production per farmkg316,342493,032**848,9281,326,375**
Milk production per cowkg/cow6,2098,205**7,1229,256**
Milk production per hakg/ha6,15213,526**7,92418,259**
a)  *= p<0.05, **= P<0.01

Comparison of sustainability performance of organic and non organic dairy farms by size, 2017-2019
IndicatorEenheidkleinere biokleinere gangbaarkleinere signif.*grotere biogrotere gangbaargrotere signif.*
Animal health and welfareScore (x 100)60595758
Somatic cell count1,000 cells per millilitre221169**244169**
Replacement rate dairy cows%24.127.422.227.3*
Use of antibioticsAverage daily dose per animal year0.21.6**0.32**
Climate and energyScore (x 100)5951*5856
Energy useMJ per 100 kg milk7159*6257**
Greenhouse gas emissions (cradle-to-farm-gate)Kg CO2-eq per kg milk1.261.35**1.291.31
EnvironmentScore (x 100)6959**7059**
Farm surpluskg N per ha27142**47142**
Environmental load use of pesticidesPoints soil062**071**
Environmental load use of pesticidesPoints groundwater065**075**
Environmental load use of pesticidesPoints surface water081**0112**
Phosphate excretionkg P2O5 per 1,000 kg milk7.45.6**6.54.9**
Ammonia emission barn and storagekg NH3 per livestock unit8.311.7**9.311.8**
Ammonia emission application and grazingkg NH3 per ha1729**14.532.4**
Biodiversity and grazingScore (x 100)6533**5923**
Number of forms of nature managementfrequency (1 till max. 4)2.41.2**2.51**
Grazing (hours per cow per year)hours3,4541,681**2,570924**
*= p<0.05, **= P<0.01
Source: Farm Accountancy Data Network.

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Van Wagenberg C.P.A., de Haas Y., Hogeveen H., van Krimpen M.M., Meuwissen M.P.M., van Middelaar C.E. en Rodenburg T.B., 2017. Animal Board Invited Review: Comparing conventional and organic livestock production systems on different aspects of sustainability. Animal 1-13. doi:10.1017/S175173111700115X.

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