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Nitrate - Derogation farms

Nitrate leaching on derogation farms in all regions below the standard

The average leaching of nitrate on the farms of the Derogation Monitoring Network has fallen in all regions since 2007. Incidentally, some individual farms still have a too high nitrate leaching (i.e. above the norm). The focus of the decline lies in the first years of the monitoring network.

Since 2014, derogation farms on sandy and loess soils in the provinces of Overijssel, Gelderland, Utrecht, Noord-Brabant and Limburg may use a maximum of 230 kg N/ha of grazing animal manure (Sand 230). On sandy soils in the other provinces (Sand 250), and on clay and peat soils, companies may use a maximum of 250 kg N / ha of grazing animal manure.

In the Sand Region 230 and in the Loess Region, the soils are the most sensitive to leaching and, on average, the highest nitrate concentrations are also measured. However, the concentrations have decreased here as well. The decrease has meant that from 2015 the nitrate concentration is lower than the EU standard of 50 mg/l. In these areas, the concentration has increased somewhat in the most recent measurement year.

In the Clay Region, the nitrate concentration has decreased compared to the first years of measurement, but there is a lot of natural variation. This variation (also seen in other regions) is most likely caused by weather influences. In the Peat Region, the nitrate concentration leaching from the root zone is the lowest of all distinguished regions. The much wetter conditions in peat soils promote the conversion of nitrate to other forms of nitrogen.

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