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  20/05/2022Food prices increase further

  05/05/2022Livestock farming sees large fluctuations in economic results
In the livestock farming sectors, developments in costs and revenues lead to large fluctuations in farm results. For instance, the war in Ukraine, a large exporter of cereals, has led to record high p... read more

  05/05/2022Drop in export of ornamentals and auction turnover in March
In March 2022, the exports of flowers and plants fell back significantly after a good start of the year. Compared to 2021, January saw an increase of 26% and February a plus of 11%, but in March there... read more

  26/04/2022Turnover from multifunctional agriculture more than 1 billion euros



  30/03/2022Update income estimate 2021: Average increase in agricultural and horticultural income; Large differences beteen plant and animal sectors

  30/03/2022Substantial mutations in price situation of agricultural and horticultural products in 2020-2021

  17/03/2022Further increase in food prices


  01/03/2022Increased differences in gross margins in livestock farming
The gross margins of a standardised dairy farm amounted to 23,200 euros in January 2022, which is 46% higher than in the same month in 2021 and 21% above the long-term average of this month. This is m... read more

  01/03/2022Sales of flowers and plants off to good start in 2022
Exports of flowers and plants are off to a good start in 2022. January saw the export value increase by 26% compared to January 2021. Over the whole of 2021 Dutch exporters realised a record 7.3 billi... read more

  28/01/2022Record high prices for dairy and eggs



  13/01/2022Gross margins in livestock farming show large differences
Gross margins in dairy farming in November 2021 amounted to 17,900 euros per holding. This is 38% higher than in the same month in 2020 and 7% above the long-term average for this month. The results a... read more

  13/01/2022Further increase in exports of ornamentals and auction turnovers
The export value of flowers and plants in September, October and November 2021 was at a record high. These results appear from the export figures published by Floridata, commissioned by the Dutch Asso... read more




  20/12/20212021 Income estimate: Large differences between crop and livestock sectors; high feed and energy costs weigh on incomes

  20/12/2021Agricultural and horticultural sector results 2021

  20/12/2021Substantial mutations in price situation of agricultural and horticultural products in 2020-2021

  24/11/2021Poultry meat price at record high
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