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  02/09/2021Food price monitor: June 2021 figures

  30/08/2021Agro complex contributes almost 7% to national economy and more than 8% to employment

  27/08/2021Organic and conventional dairy farms: comparison in farm structure and performance

  26/08/2021Declining confidence among farmers and horticulturists in the second quarter of 2021
In the second quarter of 2021 agro confidence fell by 1.5 points. This fall was mainly due to a decrease in the confidence of farmers and horticulturalists in the medium term. The mood regarding the c... read more





  02/08/2021Consumer prices largely stable, further recovery of farmgate prices



  30/06/2021 Gross margins in livestock farming under pressure from high feed prices
The gross margins of a standardised dairy farm amounted to 17,400 euros in May 2021. These margins are 20% higher than in May last year. Conversely, the moving twelve-month average of a dairy farm up ... read more

  30/06/2021Exceptional turnover and export figures for floriculture
Auction turnover of cut flowers grown in the Netherlands is persistently high, according to figures provided by auction FloraHolland. Also in April and May 2021, turnover was higher than in 2020. The ... read more

  25/06/2021Almost 1 in 7 farmers and horticulturalists supply products to consumers along a short supply chain
The number of agricultural businesses that sell their products along a short supply chain increased by more than a quarter from 2017 to 2020. That’s according to the Wageningen University & Resear... read more

  21/05/2021Highest retail price increase for dairy
Consumer prices in February and March 2021 were stable. There was little or no increase in prices of potatoes, eggs, beef and pork in this period. It is worth noting that the price of dairy increased ... read more

  19/05/2021Agro Confidence increased slightly in the first quarter

  06/05/2021Food price monitor: February 2021 figures

  06/05/2021Lower first-quarter results from livestock farming, but revenues from several industries are picking up
The results of a standardised dairy farm amounted to 14,200 euros in March 2021. In March, this figure is 17% below the ten-year average for the month and 10% below the level of March 2020. This is ca... read more

  06/05/2021Auction turnover of ornamentals exceptionally good in first quarter
Auction turnover in the first quarter of 2021 for cut flowers grown in the Netherlands was 31% higher than last year. In the first quarter of 2021, 6.5% more products were sold against an overall 23% ... read more


  06/04/2021Slight increase only in prices of eggs and beef
Consumer prices of eggs and beef increased in December 2020 and January 2021 by respectively 1 and 2%. There is an increased demand for eggs in supermarkets due to the corona crisis and eggs remain ex... read more
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