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  03/12/2018Margins in sow farming and layer hen farming considerably lower than in 2017
The results in pig farming offer a mixed picture of the sharp decline in piglet prices. For instance, the margins for fattening pigs were 2,700 euros higher in October than in 2017. On the other hand,... read more

  03/12/2018Cut flower exports decrease, plant exports increase
The Dutch cut flower exports until October 2018 amounted to €3.2bn, which is 1.8% lower than in 2017 (Floridata). Conversely, the export of potted, bedding and garden plants in the same period was abo... read more

  22/11/2018Sharp decrease in confidence index poultry farmers

  21/11/2018Consumers pay more for fresh vegetables and potatoes
In September, consumer prices for fresh vegetables increased by 5.2% and potatoes by 3.5% compared to August. The consumer price of pork also rose in September (1.6%). Prices off  fresh fruit (-2... read more

  21/11/2018Decrease in results private forestry in 2016


  31/10/2018Share of sustainable investments in agriculture and horticulture increased
The share of sustainable investments in 2016 amounted to 34%, which is an increase of 1% over 2015. Compared to 2015, total investments in agricultural production methods decreased in 2016 by 17% to 2... read more


  30/10/2018Increase consumption of food with a sustainability label

  26/10/2018Liquidity position on dairy, pig and arable farms decreases
The average level of the current account position in dairy farming amounted to 4,100 euros in the third quarter of 2018. This is a decrease of 3,300 euros compared with the previous quarter. The main ... read more

  18/10/2018Consumers pay top prices for beef and dairy
Consumer prices for beef and dairy reached a top level of respectively 107 and 108 points (2015=100). This means prices are almost 3% higher than last year in the same period. In July and August the a... read more


  25/09/2018Consumer prices for food stable on average
These are some of the results of the statistical update of the Food Price Monitor. Next month, the price developments will be further explained as part of the content-related update.

  24/09/2018Livestock farming shows mixed results
In the first months of 2018, margins in dairy farming were under pressure from a declining milk price. From June onwards, however, the milk price increased. In August, the margins for a standardised d... read more

  24/09/2018Ornamentals export at 2017 level
The number of sold cut flowers from Dutch soil that are traded through Floraholland decreased in the summer months. Despite the decrease in volume, sales increased in two of the three months. Only in ... read more


  22/08/2018Potato prices increasing again
The consumer price for potatoes hit a low point in March 2018, but increased by 17% well into June. The farm-gate price, which reached a record high last year, has nearly halved since July 2017. As a ... read more

  26/07/2018Liquidity position of pig and dairy farming under pressure, arable farming stable
From the first liquidity monitor for pig farming, it appears that the current account of pig farms in the second quarter of 2018 has deteriorated by 21,000 euros compared with the first quarter, avera... read more

  25/07/2018Further decrease in antibiotics use in 2017
The use of antibiotics in cattle farming, expressed as defined daily doses per animal year, continued to decrease in 2017. With a decrease of 8% compared with 2016, broiler farming saw the largest dec... read more




  13/07/2018Consumer price of potatoes 11% up

  12/07/2018More than 40% of agricultural households below low-income level
In 2016, 44% of agricultural households had to live on incomes below the low-income level of 23,870 euros. What was striking about this result is that this high share was reached in the same year in w... read more

  28/06/2018Margins livestock farming under pressure
Margins in dairy farming are under pressure due to a falling milk price. In the first five months of 2018, the milk price has dropped continuously: in May the price was 9% lower than in January. ... read more

  28/06/2018Exports floriculture at same level as in 2017
The export of flowers and plants from the Netherlands over the first five months of 2018 is almost the same as in 2017. This is reported by the VGB based on data from Floridata. In April and... read more

  18/06/2018Remarkably high consumer prices for eggs
Consumer prices for eggs remained stable the past months and are 18% above last year's level. The large difference is remarkable because the farm-gate prices for eggs decreased considerably in th... read more

  11/06/2018Better financial performance with sustainable management
The 25% most sustainable dairy farms achieve a better financial performance than the remaining 75% of the dairy farms. Not only the income per unpaid annual work unit is higher but farms with a better... read more
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