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  30/10/2019Liquidity position of dairy and arable farms deteriorated; further improvement on pig farms

  23/10/2019Top prices in the pork chain


  03/10/2019Nederlandse consument besteedt meer aan duurzaam geproduceerd voedsel

  30/09/2019Flower auction turnover at a low level in summer months

  30/09/2019Margin dairy farms under pressure

  26/09/2019Antibiotic use fell slightly in 2018


  04/09/2019Overall, high prices for food


  27/08/2019Confidence index at lowest point in three years



  29/07/2019Liquidity position of pig farms improved whereas that of dairy and arable farms declined


  27/06/2019Results poultry farm up

  27/06/2019Flowers and Plants export 4% higher

  26/06/2019Prices of potatoes, eggs and dairy higher than ever

  29/05/2019Turnover of multifunctional agriculture increases to almost 900 million euros

  28/05/2019Confidence continues to rise

  22/05/2019Foodprice monitor: figures March 2019
The Food Price monitor presents price information at three levels in the food chain. The results are updated monthly and are explained every two months. This update concerns the results of March. The ... read more
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