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  22/11/2022Consumer prices are rising less rapidly


  08/11/2022Agro confidence index only just above zero



  30/09/2022Cutter fishery is heavily loss-making this year after a difficult 2021

  27/09/2022Steep decline in exports and auction turnover of flowers and plants over the summer
Up to and including June 2022, the export value of flowers and plants saw a modest growth over the same period last year. The initial growth changed into a contraction of 1% in the period through to A... read more

  27/09/2022Costs and revenues livestock farming continue to rise
In the livestock sectors, considerable fluctuations in costs and yields have yet again led to large variations in the operating results for August. For instance, uncertainty about the war in Ukraine, ... read more



  14/09/2022Record high prices for animal products and bread

  24/08/2022Food Price Monitor: June 2022 figures

  23/08/2022Confidence among farmers and horticulturists barely above zero




  20/07/2022Higher surpluses in 2020, but declining trends over the entire measurement period
In the derogation monitoring network of the Minerals Policy Monitoring Programme (LMM), Wageningen Economic Research and the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM) annually mo... read more

  19/07/2022Slight increase in share of agro-complex in national economy in 2020

  13/07/2022Food prices continue to increase

  29/06/2022Volatility in economic results livestock farming continues
In the livestock farming sectors, developments in costs and revenues lead to large fluctuations in farm results. The war in Ukraine, a large exporter of cereals, has led to record prices on the market... read more

  29/06/2022Drop in export of ornamentals and auction turnover continues in May
Although up to and including May 2022, the exports of flowers and plants were higher than the previous year, the rate of increase is declining. Up until March the increase in the export value was abou... read more

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