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  06/11/2020Cautious recovery of business confidence in third quarter



  28/10/2020Slight increase in liquidity position on dairy farms and decreased liquidity position on arable and pig farms


  01/10/2020Increased divergence between consumer and producer prices for meat and eggs
While consumer prices for meat and eggs remained at a high level in June and July, the relevant producer prices remained under pressure. The retail prices of poultry meat and pork increased over these... read more

  01/10/2020Margins in livestock farming dropped considerably in summer
The monthly margins for a dairy farm amounted to 14,000 euros in August 2020. This was 7% lower than in the same month last year and 20% lower than the ten-year average. The decrease is caused by high... read more

  01/10/2020Recovery of ornamentals sector due to high prices, but uncertainty remains
Traditionally, summer is a slack period for the flower trade, but the exceptional circumstances caused by corona led to market shortages with higher prices and a higher turnover. 

The... read more




  09/09/2020Food price monitor: figures June 2020



  19/08/2020Sustainable business operations linked to better economic results?
A ranking of dairy farms based on their overall sustainability score reveals that the 25% with the highest score also achieve better economic results than the other 75%. For example, the critical milk... read more

  17/08/2020Food prices stable, but farm-gate prices under high pressure
During the corona crisis, food prices for consumers entered calmer waters. In the April-May period, prices of bread, eggs, poultry meat and fresh fruit hardly changed. The prices of dairy and beef inc... read more

  29/07/2020Declined liquidity position on dairy, arable and pig farms


  06/07/2020Turnover for ornamentals recovers, sales of garden plants higher than expected
Due to the corona crisis, the export of ornamentals to many countries came to a standstill from mid-March onward. Consequently, export figures through May 2020 show large decreases for cut flowers and... read more

  06/07/2020Results from livestock farming under pressure; layer hens are positive exception
The results for a dairy farm amounted to 13,400 euros in May, which is 15% lower than in the same month last year. In May the milk price fell below 33 eurocents per litre, which hadn’t occurred since ... read more

  29/06/2020Food price monitor: figures April 2020



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