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  31/05/2024Dutch sea fishers not yet out of worries

  21/05/2024Rising retail prices, with the exception of the price of poultry meat
In the months of February and March, the price of beef rose by 4% and the prices of bread, potatoes, milk, eggs, pork, fruit and vegetables rose by 1%. Only the price of poultry meat fell by 2%. All p... read more


  01/05/2024Varying gross margins in livestock farming in March 2024
In March 2024, the monthly gross margins of the livestock industry showed diverse trends. For dairy farms, the monthly gross margin was 4% lower than in March of the previous year, yet it remained 18%... read more

  01/05/2024Resilience of the Dutch flower and plant sector evident from growth in first quarter 2024
After a challenging year in 2023, the start of 2024 shows signs of resilience. In the first quarter of 2024, the auction revenue from domestically grown cut flowers through Royal Floraholland increase... read more

  16/04/2024Retail prices for bread, eggs, pigs and poultry meat remain high
Retail prices of potatoes and fresh fruit fell by 2%, prices of bread, eggs and beef fell by 1% and the prices of pork and poultry meat rose by 1% during December and January The price of dairy remain... read more

  22/03/2024Auction turnover and export value of Dutch flowers and plants show resilience despite declines in 2023
Despite fluctuating results during the summer months, the cumulative export value of flowers and plants in 2023 was only 4% lower than the previous year, amounting to €6.8 billion, a decrease from €7.... read more

  22/03/2024A mixed outlook for livestock gross margins in the new year
In January 2024, the livestock sector's gross margins showed strongly varying trends. For dairy farms, the monthly gross margin declined by over 35% since January last year and was 4% above the lo... read more


  04/03/2024Lower export volume and higher prices lead to limited agricultural export growth
Dutch exports of agricultural goods (primary, unprocessed goods and secondary, processed goods) are estimated at 123.8 billion euros in 2023 (Figure 1),which is a limited growth (1.6%) compared to 202... read more

  22/02/2024Slower fall in food prices
October and November 2023 showed falling prices of dairy, eggs, beef and poultry meat by 1%; the price of potatoes fell by 5% and the price of bread remained the same. The prices of fruit, pork and ve... read more


  22/12/2023Auction turnover for Dutch potted and garden plants rises, export value of flower sector lags behind last year
The cumulative export value of flowers and plants did not lag behind last year in the autumn months and remained 4% lower than in 2022. This while 2021 and 2022 went exceptionally well. The cumulative... read more

  22/12/2023Varied monthly gross margin developments in livestock farming
The monthly gross margin for dairy farming in November 2023 was half that of a year earlier. The monthly gross margin of free-range chickens remained high, but was still below the high level of Novem... read more




  18/12/2023Income estimate 2023: Large differences in income between agricultural and horticultural sectors

  18/12/2023Price situation of agricultural and horticultural products in 2022-2023 very diverse

  18/12/2023Agricultural and horticultural sector results 2023
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